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We carry iron and steel materials used to support buildings and architectural structures, such as iron frames, roof materials, bridges, and external materials. We carry all aspects of metal construction equipment. These items are supplied not only to the kansai region, but to Japan as a whole, with materials machined and modified to meet customers' exact needs.

Iron and steel architectural materials

  • Steel H beams
  • Steel plates
  • Steel columns
  • Standard beams
  • Specialty steel rods
  • Steel tubing
  • Composite floor panels
  • Bolts
  • Column bases
  • Metal roof materials
  • Lightweight beams

Specialty steel materials

  • Stainless steel plates, piping, beams, and rods
  • Aluminum plates, piping, beams, and rods
  • Copper and brass goods

Iron and steel machining items

  • Drill machines
  • Cutoff machines
  • Groove machines
  • Work tools
  • Electric tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Cutting and grinding tools
  • Inspection apparatus
  • Measuring tools
  • Crane equipment
  • Electric chain blocks
  • Wire hoists
  • Lift construction and transport equipment
  • Iron beam CAD/CAM systems

Welding equipment

  • Welding robot systems
  • Gas welding machinery and systems
  • Welding jig assembly equipment
  • Welding rods

Steel construction projects(Licensed by Kyoto prefectural governor, General #23, License #12266)

  • Steel frame construction
  • Plating work
  • Cutting and boring work
  • Groove work
  • Laser machining
  • Shearing
  • Metal roofing and wall projects

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