Our StrengthsFeature

SERVICE & SUPPORT"Honest, sincere, and going ahead to the future" is the essence of the Tanimura way.

Trust nurtured by a history of 120 years
and the spirit of taking up every new challenge

We are a general trading firm founded in 1896, greeting 120 years of history.
Headquartered in the northern Kansai region, our major sales sphere encompasses Kyoto, Hyogo, Osaka, and Shiga Prefectures, with clients in the Tokyo region, as well. with "Honest, sincere, and going ahead to the future" as our company credo, and we spare no effort to be an able ally to our clients' various ventures. In recent years, we have been growing globally, procuring both items not found in Japan and those with a competitive edge.

As we expand our base of operations and have our personnel fan out over an ever-wider range, we want to gain the ongoing trust of new clients everywhere.

Three FeaturesThe three aspects of the Tanimura Way

Since our founding, we have emphasized adopting an active sales approach and building trust with clients, and we use our engineering prowess to meet clients' needs, constantly bringing the collective strengths of our employees to bear as we deliver satisfaction and grow as a company.

We firmly believe that operating the company in a trustworthy and reliable fashion is the best way to serve as an ally to our clients.
Our company is based on our sales strength and our relationships of trust.
We have built this reputation of trust for 120 years. Rather than simply distribute products and have no interaction with clients, we use our engineering skills to bring added value to our product lineup, something that distinguishes us from competitors.


A 120 year history founded on glass and lamp products
Strong employees who constantly grow and take on new challenges

When we founded the company in 1896, Tanimura primarily stocked glass and lamp products. Today, we have grown to carry iron and steel, metal products, and everyday goods. Our ability to remain current as society and the economy rapidly change and evolve is owed to our tenacious and creative employees and the ideas each and every one of them provide.
Our talent is not simply swayed by trends. We take the initiative and act to lead and create new ones. A comparatively young workforce, our average age is in the early 30s.

Revenue has nearly doubled over the last ten years.
We are a leading firm known nationwide.

Since our founding, we have steadily and sincerely grown for 120 years without stopping.
Thanks to our customers and the local community, we have become a large-scale general trading firm with no outstanding debts on our balance books; we are entirely self-sustaining.
*Revenue has doubled in ten years, reaching 17B JPY (as of December 2015).