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This division carries electrical appliances, HVAC systems, furniture, health and nursing goods, and other lifestyle essentials, as well as outdoor car sheds, garages, and sheds. In addition, we carry agricultural and horticultural items, with rich sources of procurement, from both in Japan and overseas. Our products are sold to hardware stores, mail-order retailers, and television shopping channels. These goods support a more comfortable and richer way of life.

Everyday goods

Lifestyle goods
Rice cookers, Electric hot water kettles, Electric pots, Hot plates, Microwaves, Induction cookers, Water purifiers, Cooking implements, Pressure cookers, Drying racks, Kitchen dryers, Plastic storage racks
Television, Video and digital cameras, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Freezers, Vacuum cleaners, Air purifiers, Coffee tables
Information appliances
Computers, Printers, Digital cameras, Fax machines, Copy machines, Mobile telephones
Air conditioners, Gas fan heaters, Kerosene heaters, Electric carpets, Radiant heat systems
Gas items
Gas tables, Gas ranges, Gas water heaters, Gas powered radiant heat, Gas powered bathroom dryers
Interior goods
Wooden storage furniture, Study desks, Meeting tables, Safes and storage units, Lockers, Rugs, Carpets, Floor coverings, Straw mats
Health goods
Massage equipment, Saunas, Stationary bicycles, Blood pressure gauges, Infrared therapy devices
Nursing and caregiving equipment
Wheelchairs, Portable toilets, Bathing support equipment, Railings, Electric beds, Push-carts, Canes
Leisure equipment
Camping tents, Barbecue grills, Outdoor equipment, Golf nets, Vehicles
Traditional craft goods
Paper lanterns with crests, Hanging scrolls, Household shrines and decorative shelves, Low Japanese tables, Partitions, Screens
Watches, Clocks, Necklaces, Diamonds, Pearls
Items for weddings, Birthdays, Births, School admissions, Graduation, Illness, Buddhist services, Anniversaries, Other ceremonies

Residential materials

Residential facilities equipment
Integrated kitchen sinks and cabinets, Integrated baths, Sinks and vanities, Hot water boilers, Toilets, Solar powered water heaters, Solar power generation systems
Exterior items
Sheds, Garages, Car sheds, Balconies, Verandas, Sunrooms, Fences, Gates, Steel pipe garages, Miniature houses, Temporary houses
Construction related projects
Residential, Warehouse, Agriculture and vehicle parking, Shutter and sash construction, Joint design and construction projects
Renovation works
Roofing and exterior wall renovation, Bathing, Bathroom, And WC renovation (Licensed by Kyoto prefectural governor, General #5, License #12266)

Agricultural equipment

Agricultural supplies
Corrugated plates, Lorry tanks, Pumps, Aerated mesh pipes, PVC tubing couples, Polypropylene rope, Vinyl hoses, Tarps, Containers, Pickling barrels, Sheeting mats for lightweight truck beds
Work tools
Aluminum ladders, Aluminum stepstools, Aluminum stools, Shovels, Pitchforks, Snow shovels, Wheelbarrows, Dollies, Pruning shears, Electrical equipment
Storage equipment
Granaries, Storage bins, Plastic bags, Low temperature produce storage, Steel racks, Roofing materials (colored corrugated sheets, Galvanized iron sheets, Nail wire, PVC corrugated sheets, Polycarbonate corrugated sheets, Gutter parts)
Horticultural goods
Aluminum greenhouses, Plastic greenhouses, Wooden flower beds, Flower stands, Electrical gardening equipment

Environmental improvement

Ecological equipment
Waste processing tools, Garbage collectors, Storage vessels, Ecological containers
Incinerators, Composters, Water drainage implements, Decorative greenery

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