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Corporate Identity
Our Identity

Straightforward sincerity
Honest, sincere, and going ahead to the future.

Our business exists to serve the community and society.
Giving our all for the company helps society.
Our company is a network enabling this process.
Improving our company helps society.
Remember: happiness is the ultimate goal for all.

Our Philosophy

The Tanimura corporate code of conduct

The Tanimura corporate code of conduct emphasizes our philosophy of "Honest, sincere, and going ahead to the future" and aims to put that philosophy into practice. We want our day-to-day work to always convey the spirit of service and support to customers as we proactively take steps to make them happy.

The TASSCOM name and logo

About the TASSCOM name

Our corporate code of conduct revolves around Service and Support -- "SS." The "TA" comes from the Tanimura name, and "COM" refers to us as a company. Tanimura is TASSCOM, and TASSCOM is Tanimura. With this name, we hope to express that we are a tight-knit team of specialists committed to service and support.

Our logo

Our logo is shaped like the letter T, with the blue surrounding it representing the company and its employees. The four green lines at the center represent customers, procurement sites, local society, and the environment. In other words, our company, our employees, our customers, our providers, and the environment as a whole have brought us where we are today. This logo is intended to express our gratitude for all that is around us. The upward-moving green "mountain" shape is intended to express our desire to push ever forward into the future in a bright and forward-moving manner, growing with the local region and our customers. This logo, paired with our company name, forms our corporate symbol.

Our philosophy of thoroughgoing service and support, the TASSCOM brand, and our logo express our conviction to never forget our gratitude to customers and society, and our commitment to work as clients' best ally, meeting their needs, working as a close-knit company, and proactively growing to the future. By cementing this commitment in a memorable logo, we can broadcast our commitment both within and outside the company in a way that is remembered by all.