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As a general trading firm specializing in iron, steel, and other metals, our firm operates four core business units: the Iron and Steel Materials Division, the Construction Materials Division, the Industrial Machinery Division, and the Lifestyle Products Division. All business in these four areas is based on our principle of "Honest, sincere, and going ahead to the future" as we aim to serve as customers' #1 ally.

Iron and Steel Materials Division

We carry iron and steel materials used to support buildings and architecture, such as iron frames, roof materials, bridges, and external materials. We carry all aspects of metal construction equipment. These items are supplied not only to the kansai region, but to Japan as a whole, with materials machined and modified to meet customers' exact needs. We have a full engineering capacity and can modify orders to fit.
This division carries iron and steel construction materials, steel machining elements, specialized steel parts, iron and steel machining equipment, welding equipment, and metal construction equipment.

product lineupIron and steel architectural materials・Specialty steel materials, Iron and steel machining items, Welding equipment・Steel construction projects


Lifestyle Products Division

We carry a wide range of lifestyle goods, including electrical appliances, HVAC systems, furniture, and health and nursing goods, as well as car sheds, garages, sheds, and external supplies. Further, we carry items for agriculture and horticulture, with rich sources of procurement, from both Japan and oversea. Our products are sold to hardware stores, mail-order retailers, and television shopping channels. These goods support a more comfortable and rich way of life.
This division carries lifestyle goods and residential materials, agricultural materials, and environmental improvement goods.

product lineupEveryday goods, Residential materials, Agricultural equipment,Environmental improvement


Construction Materials Division

50% of demand for metal and iron/steel products comes from the construction sector. We offer detailed support for the range of needs for architectural, residential, and public works materials. Not only do we service the northern kansai region, but we also have offices in Kyoto and Kobe, and we continue to expand our personnel to cover a wider area. In addition to special engineering functions, we can provide renovation services and bring the latest products and technologies to bear on your project. This division carries construction materials and those for public works projects, residential materials, and construction machinery, and carries out architectural projects.

product lineupConstruction materials, Public works materials, Residential materials, Construction-related materials, Architectural machinery


Industrial Machinery Division

We provide the range of equipment needed by the construction and metal machining industries, as well as other manufacturing sectors, with apparatus such as those used for machining iron. Not only do we provide these products, but we also offer a comprehensive level of support that includes installing them on-site. These include industrial machinery and tools, logistics equipment, industrial telecommunications and IT equipment, as well as environmental equipment designed to improve efficiency of operations and consume less power. We also carry metals beyond iron and steel. This division carries circuit board materials, logistics equipment, industrial machinery, environmental equipment, tool transport equipment, telecommunications devices, and metal products, and carries out engineering projects.

product lineupIndustrial equipment, Logistics and distribution equipment,Tool and transport equipment,Environmental equipment, Information and telecommunications equipment,Metal materials for circuit boards


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